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Perfumes Sophie La Girafe®

Since 2020, Parfums Sophie la girafe® has been committed to creating delicate perfumes adapted to the needs of babies from birth, children and mothers. Discover our all our ranges carefully designed to awaken the senses while preserving softness and safety for the whole family.

our universes

our perfumes Sophie La Girafe®

Let yourself be transported to the world of childhood memories by exploring our different ranges of perfumes.


Products that respect the planet

We are redoubling our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. Because the greatest gift you can give your child is to reduce our impact on our planet.

The glass bottles are supplied by the Zignago Vetro and their decorations are made in France (near the manufacturing plant).
The production facilities are equipped with a water reduction and waste treatment plant.

The Portogruaro facility operates on renewable resources from installed photovoltaic panels and the nearby Zignago Power biomass station.

The use of recycled glass (cullet) – particularly at the Empoli site dedicated to the production of Food & Beverage containers, where up to 90% of the cullet is used – ensures savings in fossil fuel energy, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and the use of virgin raw materials.

From the beginning of our project, we wanted to minimize the use of plastic.

We have developed an aluminium cap with a plastic insert that is as hollow as possible and as light as possible (this insert enables the cap to be held on the bottle).

  • For everyone’s safety and comfort, we have decided to use crimp pumps on our bottles.
  • Deletion of the regulatory label under the bottle

We have succeeded with our conditioner in removing the plastic label under the bottle (mandatory markings) by developing with the factory a laser marking.

For the packaging of the bottle, we have designed a case with an integrated inner carton (to avoid the use of an extra inner carton and therefore we have reduced the amount of cardboard).

We also respected a new concept; the eco Inking.

This means that our cases are printed with the minimum amount of inking (only pictures and texts are printed. We have avoided any flat dark colours). This in order to consume as little ink as possible and to allow a greater recyclability of the printed cartons.

The cardboard used for our cases is “All Wood” and is FSC and PEFC certified.

The tissue paper used to wedge the bottle and soft Sophie la girafe toy is certified 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

We have worked with our shipping carton manufacturer on certified recycled and recyclable cartons, optimizing space (no air transport).

In order to replace the cellophane usually used in perfumery (of synthetic origin), we have found alternative suppliers with bio-sourced and biodegradable materials.

Unfortunately, the suppliers of cellophane film are not able to supply such a large demand. As soon as these materials become available, we will change materials.

It is imperative that we cellophan our products for the points of sale. The availability of testers obliges this washable protection. Otherwise the products would be rendered unsaleable!

We have made the decision to store our products on their production site (Rouen) in order to avoid unnecessary and polluting transportation between sites.

With this set of decisions, our environmental footprint has been optimized.

We are aware that we can always improve!

Please let us know by email how we can further reduce our footprint.


Classic Range sophie la girafe®

Sophie la girafe® Perfumed Eau de Soin and Eau de Toilette; floral and sparkling fragrances for babies and children, which mothers will enjoy making their own. With more than 96% Naturalness.
from €35,00

new products

new fragrances sophie la girafe®

We wanted to dedicate high-quality perfumes composed of new scents to children aged 5 and over so that Parfums Sophie la Girafe® will accompany them throughout their childhood.

From the heart to the work

our perfumer

The olfactory compositions for Sophie la girafe® Perfumes were all created by perfumer Serge de Oliveira from Robertet, the world leader in natural materials.

The Sophie la Girafe perfumed treatment water and eau de toilette have been made without any allergens.

Oh! my Sophie and Ma petite Cologne are designed for older children and use the perfumer’s complete palette.


20 years of expertise in the world of fragrances

Sophie la girafe® is synonymous with safety and reliability for almost 60 years. Sophie soothes the baby during teething all the time. by awakening your sensesespecially smell and vision.

To this day, Sophie la girafe® is still made by hand, it takes 14 manual operations to make it. Its composition is based on rubber from the latex of the 100% natural HEVEA tree.

Sophie la girafe® is an excellent choice not only for the child but also for the environment.

It is on all these criteria that the Sophie la girafe® brand entrusted us with the creation of its Eau de Soin Parfumée and Eau de Toilette.

We have 20 years of experience in cosmetic products for babies and children with the brands Kaloo, Clayeux, Corolle and Kokeshi.We have developed for the brand Sophie la girafe® safe products for all babies (from birth) and children, using the raw materials as natural as possible and by eco-designing all packaging.

once upon a time

sophie la girafe® story

… the simple story of a giraffe that was born on May 25, 1961, Saint Sophia Day.

At that time, toys representing animals were exclusively figurative representations of domestic or familiar animals from the farm world.

This is why, one day in France, a certain Mr RAMPEAU, who was a specialist in transforming the latex of the HEVEA tree by the concept of rotational moulding of rubber to make toys, had the idea of designing a giraffe, whose exotic figuration would be a first on the market and whose size and shape would be ideal for gripping the baby.