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Baby in a Cocoon of sweet fragrances from birth


It's here, it's finally here! It's your first baby, long awaited

Your life is transformed and so is your relationship… baby takes its rightful place. This little being of love, but in a new unknown world, especially when it comes to the primipare, upsets so many habits. And you get to know each other as the hours go by… the baby wakes up more and more…

Over time, you will discover your baby's 5 senses are awakened.

The sense of smell is present from the moment a baby is born, and sensitivity to odours increases in the first few days. Baby recognizes the smell of his mother, his mother’s milk, and also smells close to vanilla. These fragrances are safe and comforting … play a role in baby’s safe environment. Smell is a sense that is already very present from birth and can play a role in attachment.

But baby can also detect other different smells. He has his preferences … like vanilla and banana, and does not like shrimp or ammonia, but above all he recognizes the smell of THE FAMILY, the grass of the park and its plants, if he goes there regularly, and of the kitchen of the house with its gustatory smells …

The sense of smell only develops if the child uses it.

his sense of smell will continue to develop throughout his childhood. But his ability to detect and differentiate between smells is strongest around the age of 5. However, unlike the other senses, the sensitivity of the sense of smell can also diminish over time, if it is not exercised …. This is why it is important to smell smells throughout infancy, and also to use a perfume like mom or dad.

Brain and sense of smell

Our current lifestyle does not stimulate the sense of smell as much as the other senses, such as sight, touch, taste, and yes. In fact, in babies, the more important sight becomes, the less the sense of smell is stimulated, and regresses. Indeed, the area of the brain associated with the sense of smell needs constant stimulation in order to develop. The development of the sense of smell is indeed the result of learning …

How to develop baby’s sense of smell

Over time the baby becomes a child and learns to classify scents. In some families, very strong or spicy smells may be pleasing, while in others they will be considered bad. Around the age of 3, the child will be fully capable of having his own opinion, good or bad, on smells and fragrances. By the age of 5 or 6, the same will be true for more elaborate fragrances, and his vocabulary will have developed to determine his preferences…

How to perfume baby safely

To familiarize baby with odours, always use the same fragrance, both for scenting him and for the environment of his room. Prefer an alcohol-free, clinically tested baby care water. Some toys (books, pencils, soft toys, etc.) give off odours. They can help baby to associate objects and smells. Sometimes also colours and smells.

When and why to perfume baby

Baby’s bath time is often a time of joy and awakening for baby. And also for mum, who takes advantage of this time to cuddle her baby in water at 37 degrees. After these water games, a small “pchitt” of water care on the head (on the little hair) and on the little feet, before putting on his pyjama frock coat.

You can also give your baby a gentle massage, with a water treatment, in the morning when he wakes up, or before his naps to help baby sleep.

Also in the morning when you wake up, it’s a good time to perfume baby. But also in the evening when you go to bed before going to sleep, spray the pillow and/or curtains with the soft and enveloping scent of orange blossom and jasmine. A soft fragrance, clean and reassuring like a cocoon, which will reassure baby and please you just as much.

Choosing the best Care Water

For your care water, choose gentle and well-tolerated ingredients chosen to help and protect baby’s fine and delicate skin. Prefer a care water with a very gentle and natural formulation and a fragrance without allergens. For baby the label Ecocert- Certified natural and organic care, is a guarantee of the purity and safety of the products, as well as an ethical and ecological production. At least 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin. Check the clinical, dermatological and hypoallergenic tests, because in this case these care waters are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

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